Racing Monster Trucks

Play Racing Monster Trucks Game : The only thing that is more manly than driving racing cars around a track is racing with Monster Trucks through the mud and hitting that Nitro button to let your opponent eat your dust. Rev up your engine and leave your competitors in the dust in this thrilling monster truck racing game! Take on opponents across the map and wait for the perfect moment to change gears. Racing rivals in this game is loud, dirty and the most fun you can have with virtual monster trucks.

Racing Monster Trucks is a free Html5 (online) and Mobile game, no obligation to purchase, no installation required.

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Racing Monster Trucks Mobile Game

Requires Racing Monster Trucks Mobile :

– Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

– Android 4.4 and up

Description Racing Monster Trucks online :

In this drag racing game with Monster Trucks it’s all about the right timing.
When a race starts you have to keep your rev counter within the green area. Only then will you be catapulted out of the starting blocks like a rocket. But it doesn’t end there, of course.
All the way to the finish line your challenge is to shift at the exact right moments to keep the Monster Truck at its maximum power.

Unfortunately your opponents are not exactly middle aged women driving their kids to school. In fact, the further you progress the harder it gets to keep up with them. And what does a good race driver do in that case? You guessed it! He upgrades his car to the point where even characters from certain movies that only drive fast or furious would bow their heads in sheer admiration.

If you feel like you don’t have a chance against a certain Monster Truck you can go to the garage and upgrade your Truck with the money you won in your races. From more powerful engines or grippier tyres all the way to the infamous Nitro you can upgrade all aspects of the car in five stages. Let’s be honest: no racing game is complete without that!

And if even that is not enough there is always a better Monster Truck you can buy. From the classic Pickup Truck to a rocket on wheels (literally!!!) you will find everything you have ever dreamed about as a true petrolhead!

And the whole game is completely free. Now what are you waiting for?


– Monster Truck Racing Game
– Racing Rivals with tons of Customization
– Upgrades and new Cars
– World Map with endless challenges
– Free Racing Play free Html5 and Mobile Games

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