Jigsaw Puzzle

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Online : Enjoy the ultimate puzzle experience!  Directly in your browser or installed on your smartphone, our free puzzle game you experience the classic puzzle gaming fun that you know and love. It features 20 fantastic images from different categories such as nature, photography or animals. And you can play everything completely free. Can you unlock all images?

Jigsaw Puzzle Classic is a free Html5 (online) and Mobile game, no obligation to purchase, no installation required. Have Fun.

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Play Jigsaw Puzzle online for free

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Free Jigsaw Puzzle App

Requires Jigsaw Puzzle App :

– Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iOS 8.0 or later.

– Android 4.4 and up

Languages :

– English

Tested on :

  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7
  • iPad, iPad mini
  • S3, S3 mini, S4, S4mini, S5
  • Tab 3 Lite, Tab 3, Tab 4
  • firefox, chrome, Safari

 Description Jigsaw Puzzle App :

This classic jigsaw game features three difficulty modes to chose from depending on your skill and beautiful photos. Select 25, 49 or 100 pieces and relax while trying to put together the picture.

The great thing about this Jigsaw Puzzle is that at the same time it provides a nice challenge but will also help you relax, no matter where you play. With high quality images and soothing music this free puzzle will entertain you for a long time.

By solving puzzles you will unlock new ones. And since the whole game is a free puzzle, of course each single new picture is free as well.


  • Jigsaw Puzzle App Free
  • Three Difficulties
  • Each Puzzle with 25, 49 or 100 Pieces
  • 20 Pictures
  • Perfect game for Kids and Adults

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